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Avondale airforce

Bed bunkers • Delay breeds danger

Bertie Page clinic • Too loud too naked

Blues against youth (the) • Good morning bad feeling

Blues against youth • Apprentice

Burn in hell • Monkey bones

Burn in hell • s/t

Cash Savage & the last drinks • Wolf

Chicken diamond • The night has a thousand eyes

Chicken snakes • Tombstone N bones

Chicken Snakes • Unholly rollers

Chouette • You don’t know why you run

Cut in the hill gang • Mean black cat

Dan Brodie • My friend the murderer

Darling downs (The) • In the days when the world was wide

Dividers • Fourwalls farewell

Escobar • Bird of prey

Floors (The) • Beat it down

Gentle Ben and his sensitive side • Magnetic island

Harry Howard & the NDE • Sleepless girls

Head on • Changing shape

Head on • Woman on a wall

Hipbone slim and the knee tremblers • Tremblin’ the blues

Hipbone slim & The Kneetremblers • Ugly mobile

Hits • Hikikomori

James Mc Cann & The new vindictive’s • s/t

James McCann and the vindictives • Gotta lotta move-boom!

Justin Cusak • Out? it all away you want

Kaviar special • #2

Kim Salmon • E(a)rnest

La bastard • Trouble

Lame • Cities

Luxurious faux furs • Let me ride

Madcaps (The) • Hot sauce

Madcaps (The) • Slow down

MAMØØTH (le) • Brest baywatch

Muscle • s/t

Pete Ross & The sapphire • Rollin on down the lane

Pete Ross & The sapphire • The boundless expanse

Pullmen (The) • Going dark

Richmond sluts • 60 cycles of love

Ron S. Peno & The superstitions • Anywhere and everything is bright

Sapin • Smell of a prick

Shifting sands • Beach coma

Skeptics • s/t

Sleeper Bill & Mr Tof • s/t

Spoils (the) • s/t

Strong come ons • s/t

Sun god replica • Grandular fever

Suzie Stapleton • Obladi diablo

Tex Napalm/Dimi Dero • Partly animals

Toxics (the) • s/t

Versatil monster • s/t

Walter Daniels + Jesus and the Groupies • in weapons nature provided

Weird Omen • Breakfast before chaos