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31 knots • Worried well

69 • Heroic

A silver mt zion • This is our punk rock

Across Tundras • Western sky ride

AESOP rock • Bushwick

Al’tarba • Bad acids & malicious hippies

Algiers • The underside of power

Allah-las • Calico review

Allah-las • s/t

Allah-las • Worship the sun

Api uiz • Peplum

Archie & the bunkers • Songs from the lodge

Archie Bronson outfit • Wild crush

Attila Krang • Gymkhana

Austerity program • Beyond calculation

Avondale airforce

B boys • Dada

Bad brains • s/t

Bad breeding • s/t

Barrett Pastor and the youth for christ choir sings • Like a ship… (without a sail) • num. 030

Bastard • Radiant, discharges, crossed-off

Beach slang • A loud bash of teenage

Bed bunkers • Delay breeds danger


BenNasr AlGhandour • s/t

11,00 9,00

Bertie Page clinic • Too loud too naked

Besoin dead • Pair tu n’es pas impair

Beth Ditto • Fake sugar

Big Brave • Ardor

Bingo • French Punk Exploitation 1978-1981 • Compilation

Biscuit mouth • Hot change

Black Marble • It’s immaterial

Black rebel motorcycle club • Wrong creatures

Blind shakes ||| Fly right

Blklstrs • Adult

Blues against youth (the) • Good morning bad feeling

Blues against youth • Apprentice

Booji boys • Weekend rocker

Burn in hell • Monkey bones

Burn in hell • s/t

Burning heads • Escape

Buttons starter kit ||| num. 004 • Compilation

Can you feel that beat, funk 45s and other rare groove • Compilation


Cannibale • No mercy for love

Cash Savage & the last drinks • Wolf

Chain and the gang • Best of Crime

Charles Bradley • No time for dreaming

Charles Bradley • Victim of love

Charles de Goal • Mobilisation

Chicken diamond • The night has a thousand eyes

Chicken snakes • Tombstone N bones

Chicken Snakes • Unholly rollers

Chouette • You don’t know why you run

Coathangers (the) • Larceny & old lace

Coathangers (the) • Nosebleed week-end

Codeine • Barely Real

codeine • Frigid stars

codeine • The white birch

Cold Pumas • The hanging valley

Condense • Placebo

Corner Boys • Just Don’t Care

Cows • Cunning stunts

Cows • Daddy has a tail

Crash normal • Your body got a land

Crippled old farts • Free drinks in hell

Crotales (les) • s/t

Cut in the hill gang • Mean black cat

Daïkiri • Dk_2

Daïkiri • Marcel supra

Dan Brodie • My friend the murderer

Dan Sartain • Dudesblood

Dan Sartain • Lives


Dan Sartain • Sings

25,00 20,00

Dan Sartain • Too Tough to live

Dan Sartain • Vs Serpientes

Danny Brown • Atrocity exhibition

Daptone gold • Compilation

Darling downs (The) • In the days when the world was wide

Dead Rabbits • Everything is a lie

Dead Rabbits • The ticket that exploded


Death pedals • Meat house

15,00 12,00

Decline (the) • Heroes on empty streets

Decline (The) • Heroes on empty streets

Deerhoof • The magic

Deity guns • Trans line appointment

Denim and leather • Sacred autism

Descendents • Hypercaffium spazzinate

Descendents • Milo goes to college

Devil makes three (The) • Redemption & ruin

Die Antwoord • Mount Ninji and da nice time kid

Die goldenen zitronen • Flogging a dead frog

Dinosaur Jr • Give a glimpse of what yer not

Dividers • Fourwalls farewell

Do you compute • And the winner is…

Dookoom • No!

Dookoom • Riffak

Downtown boys • Cost of living

Drache • Skeet shooting

Drive like jehu • s/t

Dropout Patrol • Sunny hill

Dumb number • II