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Just Arrived

Mr. Airplane man – s/t

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King Gizzard and the lizard wizard – Polygondwanaland

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Whodunit – Memories from a shit hole

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Electric Nettles – Long live the galactic empire part.1

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Chicken Diamond – Skeleton coast

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Sleepwalkerz (the) – Sleeper town

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Catl. – Bide my time until I die

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Braves (the) – Carry on the con

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James Mc Cann and Dirty skirt band – lost property

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Rhyece O’neil and the Narodniks – Death of a gringo

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Harlan T. Bobo – The history of violence

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Chatterbox – s/t

Just Arrived

Hoa queen – s/t

Just Arrived

V.a La Nef des fous – Binic

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Tally Oh! – s/t

Just Arrived

Escape-ism – The lost record

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Shannon Shaw – In Nashville

Just Arrived

Ethioda – Tezet reset

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Hangman’s chair – Banlieue triste

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Upsetters – Double seven

Just Arrived

Peter Tosh – Equal rights

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Toots & The Maytals – Unplugged on strawbery hill

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Muggs Presents – the soul assassins chapter 1

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Joshua Redman – Still Dreaming

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Portishead – Roseland Nyc Live

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Outerspace – Blood Brothers

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V.a Judgment Night – Original soundtracks

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Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Return To The 36 Chambers

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Mr. Bungle – Mr. Bungle

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Morphine – Cure For Pain

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Morlocks – Bring on the mesmeric condition

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Lithics – Mating surfaces

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Krs One – Return Of The Boom bap

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Kool Keith – Black Elvis/Lost In space

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Israel Vibration – The same song

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I Roy – Presenting I Roy

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Heptones – Meet the now generation!

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Heads – Collider

Just Arrived

Ethiopians – Woman Capture Man

Just Arrived

Cure – Three Imaginary Boys

John Carpenter – B.o Halloween

Petite noire – La maison noir

Calvin Johnson – A wonderful beast

Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe – S/t

GOGGS – Pre strike sweep

Lullies (Les)

Oh sees – Smote reverser

Heb Frueman – A year and half of high altitude velocity

Tim Armstrong – A poet’s life

V.a Antilles mechant bateau

Cyril Cyril – Certaine ruines

Phosphorescent – C’est la vie

Puts marie – Catching bad temper

Body/head – The switch

John Coltrane – The lost album – Both direction at once

V.a B.O Stanger things

Run DMC – Raising hell

Cypress hill – IV

Cypress hill – III Temples of boom

Jefferson airplane – Surrealistic pillow

Lou Reed – Transformer

Clash (the) – s/t

Jimmy Hendrix and the experience – Smash hits

Johnny Cash – Live at St Quentin

Suprême NTM – s/t

Suprême NTM – Paris sous les bombes

Suprême NTM – 1993… J’appuie sur la gachette

Suprême NTM – Authentik

Nas – Illmatic

Replacements (the)

Television – Marquee moon

Wu-tang clan – Enter the Wu-tang clan (36 chambers)

V.a France Chébran – French boogie 1981-1987 vol.2

V.a France Chébran – French boogie 1980-1984 vol.1

Forever pavot – Pantoufle

Lars Finberg – Moonlight over Baskerfield

Feeling of love – Dissolve me

Ex-cult – Cigarette machine

Ex (the) – 27 passports

Ex (the) + Tom Cora – Scrabbling at the lock

Eels – The deconstruction

Eddy Current and the suppression ring – So many things

Durand Jones and the indications –

Duds – Of nature or degree

Celtic Frost – Reissue

Career suicide – Machine response

Cannibale – No mercy for love

Buzzsaw – Diddy wah Cut 3

Buzzsaw – Diddy wah Cut 2

Buzzsaw – Diddy wah Cut 1-2

Buzz Rodeo – Combine

Buildings – You are not one of us

Breeders – All nerves

Boss hog – Brood star

Black eyes – A pack of wolves

Binaire – Seule sur le dance floor

Big black – Atomizer

Beta Blockers – Stiff prescription

Beach house – 7

Baxter Dury – Prince of tears